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Gold Demand Trends Q3 2020

November 3 2020

29 October, 2020

Q3 gold demand 19% lower y-o-y at 892t 

Strong growth in global investment demand for gold in Q3 partly offset weakness elsewhere as COVID-19 remained …

Rio Tinto ends mining at Argyle

November 3 2020

Rio Tinto will dig the last diamonds up from the ground at its Argyle deposit in Australia on Tuesday, marking the end of an era in the industry. The company will continue to sif…

Rough Emerald

Coloured Stone Guide – Emeralds

October 3 2020

Belonging to the beryl family
 The third stone in this series on the more well-known (and sometimes lesser known) gemstones covers emerald. In the same way as ruby and sapphire w…

Sapphire and diamond ring

Coloured Stone Guide – Sapphires

September 3 2020

So what is sapphire?
Sapphire and ruby are basically the same stone, corundum, which, as we saw, is comprised of aluminium and oxygen. The difference with sapphire though is that …

Unusual Corundum Doublet

An Unusual Corundum Doublet

August 3 2020

Summary of ‘A Lead-Glass-Filled Corundum Doublet’ by Supparat Promwongnan, Thanong Leelawatanasuk and Saengthip Saengbuangamlam.

This Gemmological Brief describes a 1. …