A reputation built on quality and independence

Previously to the 1980s, Australian Jewellery stores would almost exclusively use in-house valuers to determine their buying, selling and trading deals. But as the industry grew, so too did the demands of customers.

It became clear that customers were looking for more assurance and confidence – and retailers were looking for ways to provide it. So, in 1985, the Valuation Centre of Australia was founded and began working alongside Australian jewellery retailers as an independent valuation service.

In the decades that followed, VCA became synonymous with valuation integrity and is now the largest independent jewellery valuation service in the country, supporting more than 500 retail jewellery stores.

Great service backed by experience

The Valuation Centre of Australia comprises a highly professional team of gemmologists and valuers headed by Mr Hannes Coetsee

Hannes Coetsee FGAA DipDT

Hannes is a Retail and Jewellery Industry specialist with Industry experience in excess of 30 years. Internationally qualified and skilled with a demonstrated history as a bench jeweller/designer, gemmologist and registered Valuer.

Throughout his career in the Jewellery Industry he gained experience and honed his skills while working as a merchandise planner/analyst, National retail- and merchandise manager and National Retail/Wholesale Sales Director within the Watch and Jewellery segments.

Hannes has been extensively involved in International trading of loose Diamonds, Coloured gemstones and finished jewellery since 1986.

Kerrilie Campbell    FGAA

Kerrilie is a qualified gemmologist and registered Valuer who gained her Industry knowledge through her involvement in the Industry from the time she started in Retail as a casual sales assistant while still at school.

During her retail traineeship at a prominent Sydney Jeweller her passion evolved and motivated her to obtain her gemmological qualifications.

Kerrilie worked and gained experience on multiple levels and departments within the retail and jewellery sectors which ultimately saw her working exclusively as a Valuer for the last 19 years, supporting the Valuation Centre of Australia.

Mr Terence Mitchell (FGA), DD (GIA)

Although not actively involved in the Company any more, Terence founded and has been with the Valuation Centre of Australia in excess of 30 years.


Our Team

  • Hannes Coetsee

  • Terence Mitchell

    FGA, DD(GIA) Valuer
  • Kerrilie Campbell

    FGAA Valuer

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Our Services

  • Valuations

    Valued by one source

    With our highly qualified team and state-of-the-art equipment, we’ve built a reputation for providing the highest quality service and valuations time and time again.

  • Industry

    We’re trusted by the industry

    Many jewellery stores wish to give their customers the added security of an independent valuation. This is where VCA can act as a third party and provide this service either on premises or off-site.